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The debut album from "Nino" is a fusion between South American Andean folk music and modern Electronic and Synthpop styles. With swelling synthesizers behind Andean Quenas and Charangos, Nino brings together two different worlds for a truly unique and energetic sound.


released May 18, 2013

Mixed and Mastered by: Rob Arbelo

Album Artwork by: Amanda Ligman

Charango, Quena, Zampoña, Percussion,
Synthesizers, Electronic Composition
by: Neal Barenblat

Vocals and Lyrics by: Neal Barenblat and Mari Polé

“Cajamarca” English Vocals by: Neal Barenblat,
Alex Birg, Joel Diament, Marc Badrian, George Mason
and Allison Horton


all rights reserved



Ninopo San Francisco, California

Behind Ninopo is Neal Barenblat, who composes, plays the instruments, and sings on the album.

"Nino", Barenblat's debut effort, seeks to retell his initial journey through South America with music that fuses aspects of different cultures. Featured on the album are several instruments normally employed in tradition folk music from the Andes alongside brassy synthesizers and electronic drums.
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Track Name: Alturas
Veo los pasos que me enseñaron
Que acepté pero ahora los rechazo
Para que se renueve mi alma
Canto con fuerza esta canción

Quiero que lo que venga sea mejor
Cazo y apreso mi propio temor
Quiero que lo que venga sea mejor
Haré que cada momento sea eterno

Lanzo mi puño contra los vientos
Grito pa’ que escuche toda la tierra
Y para que no se olviden mi voz
Y que mi historia quede en la suya

Quiero que lo que venga sea mejor
Ruego que nos liberemos de la apatia
Que en la vejez mantengamos nuestra juventud
Aunque sea solo por un momento

Quiero querida que no te vayas
Que nos quedemos pa’ siempre mirando atrás
Que un día volvamos a donde se verá
La fuente eterna de tu sonrisa


I see the path that was handed to me
That I embraced, now I reject
So that my soul reignites
I sing this song with fury

I want what comes to be better
I hunt and trap my own fear
What may come, it should be better
I will make every moment eternal

I launch my fist into the winds
I scream so that they whole world can hear
And so that you all don’t forget my voice
And so that my story remains in hers

I want what comes to be better
I beg that we free ourselves from apathy
And in our old age, maintain our youth
If only just for a moment

Please don’t leave my dear
Let’s stay hear and look back forever
And one day, may we return to the place
Of the eternal fountain of your smile
Track Name: Surrealidad
Como puede ser esta puta casualidad
Que se junten los pedazos de la nada
La primera vez que yo te vi fue fantasia
O un escondrijo entre eso y la realidad

Cuando me miraste y preguntaste si te quisé
Yo te mentí, dije no pa disimularme
Y yo me llevo tu lindo beso conmigo
Atrás a mi propia escondida surrealidad

Mi surrealidad


This damned coincidence, how can it be?
That all of the pieces come together from nowhere?
The first time I saw you was a fantasy
Or a hiding place between that and reality

When you asked me if I loved you
I lied, I told you no, and I hid it
I take your beautiful kiss with me
Back to my own hidden surreality

My surreality
Track Name: The Untold Want
"The untold want, by life and land ne’er granted,
Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find."

-Walt Whitman
Track Name: Challa
I'm standing on top of a hill and I'm thinking about another one.
Track Name: Dina
Yo me enamoré de ti
Sin saber que me amabas

Que lindo son tus ojos
Que dulces son tus labios


I fell in love with you
Without ever knowing you already loved me

How beautiful are your eyes
How sweet are your lips
Track Name: Cajamarca
Ya llegó mi carnaval
A la mierda lo demás

Esta noche vamos a ver
Cosas en realidad

China, china, china
Me acompañas al cuarto?

Esto es mi carnaval

All of the flowers there in my garden
I like them all in general
I like the sunflowers and dandelions
Oh but the tulips (two-lips) I like the most

All of the doors in my city have doorbells
Not a big fan, that I am not
I don't care so much for all the ding-dongs
Oh but the knockers I like a lot

And when I go to the supermarket
I buy some chicken to cook at home
Fuck the boneless strips and the drummies
But thighs and breasts I buy in bulk

Get off your ass, move it around
Make it go quickly up and down
Shake-a, shake-a, shake-a, shake-a, oooooWA!
That's what we do on carnaval
Track Name: Ronnie Stevens, I Will Find You
Ahhhhh!! Woohhhhh!!!
Track Name: Alma Mari
The pieces of lyrics that I pulled out are saying:

"Should I"
Track Name: El Sur
El sur viene a mi memoria
Atravesó mi norte despoblado
Lo colmo de gente riendo, cantando
Este es el sur de tu ombligo

Se abrió un paso a un amanecer rosado
Lejos del vicio de concretar
Tu aliento nacido en todos los climas
Y con los colores quiere jugar

Embriagado de vos, quiero volver
Hasta el borde a caminar y correr
Voy a caerme sin importar donde
Munido de vos, quiero estar

Penetró tan hondo, impunamente
Como el sol cala sin resistencia
Entre los arboles de los paisajes
Y está ahí donde te voy a esperar


The south invades my memory
It crossed my deserted north
The height of people laighing, singing
This is the south of your being

A path opened to a rosy sunset
Far from the vice of certainty
Your breath reborn in every climate
As it plays with colors

Intoxicated with you, I want to come back
To the edge, to walk and to run
I'll fall without caring where
Armed with you, I want to be

Impacted so greatly, without consequence
Like the sun blasts without resistance
Between the landscape's trees
And there I will wait for you

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